The Cannabis industry has been gaining popularity since scientific studies are showing benefits of the plant. It is being recognized more by the federal government and recently President Trump sign the 2018 Farm Bill, which gave more freedoms to hemp farming, making a step forward in a rising movement, in the benefits of cannabis.

Even with the gaining popularity of cannabis, I still believe it is underappreciated and under recognized. Studies have been conducted on cannabis for decades and science is starting to prove, that there are benefits to cannabis and how it works in our bodies.

Unfortunately, many are still unaware of its benefits. There are those who believe its just a drug to get high and others are just unaware still. Many products can be made from these plants, such as, paper, clothes and thread, CBD and THC products use recreationally in some states, which also can be used medicinally in some states.

We are starting to hear more and more about the benefits of THC and CBD products. Maybe, you have a friend of a friend, who has been using CBD products and you keep hearing them talk how better they have been doing. Maybe you find yourself curious to try cannabis products and don’t know where to start. So, what do you do?

Well, you could educate yourself, take some training courses or talk to a CBD coach. There are some things you need to know and should be aware of before you start taking cannabis products.

First and foremost, consult you doctor before taking cannabis products. Whether it be CBD or THC products always consult you physician or a doctor who is familiar with cannabis.

Educating yourself

More information is coming all the time with scientific studies and people are getting educated in cannabis. However, educating yourself in cannabis can be grueling and time-consuming. There is a lot of basic information on the internet but it can take a lot of time trying to find the right information that you are looking for. This can be a good place to start learning about THC and CBD products but can be time-consuming.

Taking training courses

Taking training courses or certification is a great way to learn about Cannabis. They can give you more in depth information about the uses and benefits of cannabis and how to use it. The downside to taking these training courses is, you will need invest money, as well as time. Prices can vary from school to school and be quite expensive. If you are only considering the use of THC or CBD, then this may not be the route you want to go in getting educated. However, if you are interested in getting into the cannabis industry, seeking some professional education and training, then taking some training course would be a good place to start. You can find a few good training platforms that provide quality education in cannabis online. Do you research on the companies and find one that works for you.

Consulting a CBD Coach

A coach is someone who has taking the time and money to get educated in the uses of cannabis. Remember, CBD has more universal benefits than THC. A CBD coach will have focused more of the benefits and uses of CBD. A coach will understand more in depth how CBD works in the body, what to do, what not to do, what to look for in products and so on. With all the research being conducted, a CBD coach will be up to date with latest news and discoveries happening.


No matter which method you decide to use, get educated. If you are considering using CBD products, consult you doctor or a physician who is familiar with cannabis first and foremost. Second, get some information and understand what cannabis products you want to use THC or CBD?

Doing all the research can be time-consuming and grueling. Getting the training can be expensive for someone who just wants to use the products. Consulting a CBD coach could get a little expensive as well depending on how much they are charging, but is still more cost effective than certification courses.

No matter what, using Cannabis products is going to be an investment, an investment into you health and well being. Just like buying that monthly gym membership, buying vitamins, paying for a day at the spa, what it is you do to stay happy and healthy, you are making an investment in you health and well being.

So, my advice would be, if you are looking to try cannabis products or more specifically CBD products, then do a little research and find yourself a CBD coach.

Having a CBD coach is going to benefit you in you well being.

will guide you in you helping yourself.

They will give you advice and can answer any questions you may have.

A CBD coach will help educate you in CBD use.

There quite a few advantages to consulting a CBD coach.



  1. Hey Troy,
    Nice information thanks.
    It’s really astonishing at the rate CBD industry is growing. One can imagine its growth & popularity just by the way CBD coach courses are coming up.
    It’s a nice way to get informed about CBD, so can you suggest any particular program?


  2. Thank you Jivita, the growth of the industry is forcasted to reach 22 billion by 2022. I believe it will just get more popular once people are more aware of its benefits.

    Are you referring to training courses to become a CBD coach or are you referring to getting some coaching on CBD.

    Thank you for the Comments.

  3. Why aren’t businesses talking about CBDA, because without CBDA there would be no CBD Oil? Through studies, it was found that CBDA was many times stronger than CBD and you can find products out there with a mix of both.

    Still, a lot of flack about CBD Oil especially the products coming from the Marijuana plant and to be honest I think many are disappointed when they don’t get high.

    Thanks for sharing and a site I will bookmark for future reference

    1. Thanks for your Comments Mick. You are partially correct, Keep in mind I am still learning so much about CBD. I use CBD as a general term. I think people relate the term with medicine and healing more than they do hemp. CBDA is another compound of the cannabis plant. I do know its chemical structure is different from that of CBD and has different effects on the body because it doesn’t work with the Endocannabinoid system. I need to do more reserch on this as well as the other cannabinoids. I am sure you heard of full spectrum oil, yes? This creates, what they call the “Entourage effect” full spectrum will have more than the CBD in it. It will have many, if not all of of the other cannabinoids in their formula along with terpines. I know nothing of the cultivation, extraction and production processes yet.

      This is an interesting question though Mick, I am going to start working with someone who has done THC their whole life, but have problems with cbd and claim the can only use CBG. It will be interesting to say the least.

      I am learning even though research has been conducted for years, there is more to discover. And government regulations have held up our research in this plant.

      I think the research has mainly been conducted on CBD for so long because it has shown to be the most abundant and the most universal cannabinoid in the plant. My theory only as to why it is the most familiar term.

      I also think there is still a misunderstanding about CBD and people hear the rumors and believe its a cure all type of drug. They don’t realize, just like many other things in life it is a slow process in bringing your system back to balance. You don’t lose weight overnight, you don’t build muscles overnight, well the body needs time to heal and fix itself, if the system responsible for keeping the body balanced (homeostasis) is not working properly, then the body is going to remain inbalanced. It will take time and work to feel better.

      I believe that CBD’s can help bring a balanced life with other means as well. like exercise, healthy eating, clearing the mind, strengthening the mind, I think you get the idea.

      I could go on and on.
      I think you are right, people do tend to expect to get high when they get cbd extracted from the marijuana plant. Some people can get the high effect using hemp extracted CBD,as well. Although, it would normally take allot of cbd to obtain that effect. However, each individual is different, so the effects will be different as well.

      Thanks for the question, it has me thinking and researching. It will be good to know more about CBDA.


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